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We are excited to start working with you. Here we will share with you a bit of information about our INDEPENDENT AGENT PROGRAM. Our goal is to assist you in understanding our service offering and how you can start to build a passive, residual income stream based on transaction fees collected from the merchants you refer to BANXATE. In order to accomplish this, we have laid out a basic overview of our standard procedures so that you know what to expect.


At BANXATE, we love partnering with referring agents. From AFFILIATE MARKETERS to ISO’S to full-fledged PSP’S, we welcome them all. To help you better understand how we may be able to work together, we have laid out our STANDARDIZED GUIDELINES for AGENT CLASSIFICATIONS. Please have a look to see where you or your organizations fall.



Referring Parties / Affiliates: Affiliates are individuals or companies who have direct access to large numbers of merchants and are willing to make a formal introduction in return for financial compensation. Once the merchant has been approved and has integrated the Banxate Instant Transfer Merchant Gateway on their site, agents will be paid a commission on every transaction completed by them. Agents are silent referring partners and are not responsible for settlements, applications, onboarding or support.



Resellers / ISO’s: ISOs are formal corporate entities whose primary line of business is directly re-selling the products or services of one or multiple processors. They can also develop their own or aggregate other value-added products and services. Like PSP’s, ISO’s usually take an active partner role. Responsibilities included but are not limited to settlements, applications, onboarding, and support. Agent classification status will be determined on a case by case basis contingent upon the ISO’s infrastructure and capabilities.

There are two types of ISOs:

  1. Banks – Banks of all shapes and sizes are ISOs. Wells Fargo, for example, is an ISO of PSP – First Data. Your local community and large regional banks are most likely ISOs. Banks offer merchant services business because it is a natural fit with their product and service offerings. It’s a way to increase revenue per customer. Most, but not all banks, private label the services so that it’s difficult to distinguish whether they are a PSP or an ISO.
  2. Non-banks- These types of ISOs are formal corporate entities whose primary line of business is selling the products or services of one or multiple processors. In many cases, these kinds of ISO would include but are not limited to shopping cart platforms with a large number of users.



Processor / PSP’s: Also known as acquirers, processors are are formal corporate entities, distinguished by their ability to actually process a transaction. To be a processor, a company must have the technical capability to receive transaction data from a merchant via a telephone line or the internet and then communicate with the appropriate financial institutions to approve or decline transactions. Processors must also be able to settle completed transactions through financial institutions in order to deposit funds into the merchant’s bank account and maintain the appropriate licencing as required. The processor is responsible for all application processing, onboarding, and support.


We understand the frustrations e-commerce merchants experience when dealing with their payment processing providers. From confusing monthly statements with hidden fees to a sudden loss of service. With instant transfer payment systems, it is nearly impossible for consumers to reverse transactions, thus minimizing friendly fraud. This equals cost savings to Banxate allowing us to pass the savings to the merchant. Our pricing models are uniform and transparent ensuring that our AGENT PARTNERS are ALWAYS PROTECTED. Below you will find the per-transaction rates offered to merchants for standard and high-risk business verticals.


2 - 3%Per Transaction


3 - 5%Per Transaction


As you may have already learned, the BANXATE Instant Transfer Payment Gateway enables merchants to collect instant, bank-to-bank payments, directly from their customers with no middlemen. While this equals superior cash flow management for them, it also means we are essentially extending the merchant credit by collecting the week’s prior transaction fees after they have settled to their bank accounts. As such, commissions due to our AGENT PARTNERS are paid out at the END OF THE MONTH to the bank account entered in our registration process. Our standardized commission rate table was built with you in mind. The more agregate volume your merchants run through the BANXATE system, the higher the payout to you. Rate tables will only be issued AFTER the AGENT REGISTRATION has been completed.


BANXATE will accept applications from all standard-risk verticals as well as many high-risk models. Please have a look at the PROHIBITED LIST below. If your merchants business DOES NOT fall into any of these categories, Banxate can accept their application. And yes, we do accept zero THC hemp and CBD e-commerce applications.

  • Adult Products

  • Adult Videos

  • Adult Webcams

  • Bongs & Glassware

  • Crypto & Digital Currency

  • Dating Services

  • Debt Collections

  • Debt Consolidation

  • E-Cigs and Vapes

  • Escort Services

  • FFL Dealers

  • Firearms & Ammo

  • Forex Trading

  • Loan Modification

  • Lotteries or Sweepstakes

  • Male Enhancement

  • Marijuana & Cannabis

  • Modeling & Talent Agencies

  • Online Casinos

  • Online Dating

  • Online Gambling

  • Paraphernalia

  • Payday Loans

  • Penny Stocks

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Replica Accessories

  • Sports Betting

  • Student Loan Relief


On the next page, you will find our Agent Registration Form. As you progress through it, there will be sections that require supporting documentation to be uploaded for review and approval. To make the experience as painless as possible, please find below a list of items you should gather before starting the process. Once approved, you issued a BANXATE Agent ID and login where you can track all of your referred merchant’s volume and commissions due. So, without further delay, let’s get started.


Please find below a list of items you should gather before starting the process.

  1. A voided check for all legal entities and DBA’s to be used for the receipt of commission payments.
  2. A signed & dated bank letter for All legal entities and DBA’s (Must include account and routing numbers).
  3. A color scan of driver’s licenses or National ID (all beneficial owners, officers or signatories).
  4. The company’s articles of incorporation.
  5. The company’s EIN letter from the IRS or Tax ID issuance letter from the companies domiciled tax athourity.
  6. Current or last month’s utility bill with business address (if existing business).
  7. Current or last month’s utility bill with personal address (if new business or sole prop).
  8. Proof of domain ownership if applicable.


Why not schedule a call with us so we can answer any questions you might have.