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Welcome to the Banxate Merchant Application Process. We understand how frustrating and expensive it can be to secure payment processing in high-risk e-commerce verticals. Even once you find a solution, it could be here today and gone tomorrow. As the NUMBER ONE US-based alternative payment method for e-commerce merchants. Banaxte will accept applications from all standard-risk verticals as well as many high-risk models. Please have a look at the PROHIBITED list below. If your business does not fall into any of these categories, Banxate can accept your application. Yes, we do accept CBD e-commerce processing applications.


  • Adult Products

  • Adult Videos

  • Adult Webcams

  • Bongs & Glassware

  • Crypto & Digital Currency

  • Dating Services

  • Debt Collections

  • Debt Consolidation

  • E-Cigs and Vapes

  • Escort Services

  • FFL Dealers

  • Firearms & Ammo

  • Forex Trading

  • Loan Modification

  • Lotteries or Sweepstakes

  • Male Enhancement

  • Marijuana & Cannabis

  • Modeling & Talent Agencies

  • Online Casinos

  • Online Dating

  • Online Gambling

  • Paraphernalia

  • Payday Loans

  • Penny Stocks

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Replica Accessories

  • Sports Betting

  • Student Loan Relief